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Company: Centauria
Founded: 1998, Nevada City, California
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Locations served: US, Canada & worldwide

About Centauria
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Why We Do What We Do

Centauria founders Eric Beckwitt and Zhenya Beck are Yaletown Vancouver locals, happy parents, techies and cosmopolitans. They met in 1990 as participants of Tahoe-Baikal Institute, the first environmental exchange program between students of the Soviet Union and United States of America. Growing up with the fear of war, Eric, in California, and Zhenya, near Lake Baikal in Siberia, dreamed of more collaborative and peaceful world.

Customer Success and Happiness Ambassadors, Eric Beckwitt and Zhenya Beck, Centauria

From opposite parts of the world, Eric and Zhenya found they had very similar values and years later they married. Both were environmentalists: Eric protecting biodiversity of Northern California's Sierra Nevada, Zhenya as environmental journalist writing about Siberia's Lake Baikal. They set goals together to create and live a balanced life, to build a livelihood that helped others and inspired collaboration, to continually inform their experiences with world travel, and to make time with their family a top priority.

As the Internet industry was emerging in 1998, Zhenya launched a graphic and web design service later to be named Centauria. By 2004, Centauria had established working partnerships with Silicon Valley entrepreneurs as a full service "web design and build" firm. Their clients were entrepreneurs, start-ups, small and medium sized businesses. Centauria learned to match force with their fast pace of changes, deadlines and deliverables. These business relationships were each very personal Centauria was a team member just as if they were on-site with their clients. By 2004 Zhenya was deeply experienced helping many businesses grow into the web sphere. As optimization became the focus of a brand's success, Zhenya became one the earliest SEO experts. All of this with two young children a very wild ride indeed!

Meanwhile, Eric was deepening his expertise at the leadership and management of large environmental research projects. His work took him all over the world. He uniquely understood the collaborative skills required to operate virtually, and was keen to bring the reach and rewards of web presence to workforces that were highly educated but whose own country had not test established an internet economy for knowledge workers. In 2004, Eric took the leap and Centauria became a family-run business.

Together, Zhenya and Eric carefully crafted a small and nimble team with the resources and expertise to offer businesses, startups and organizations the high-end agency-quality web design with the affordability and high-touch services that create competitive advantages for their clients. Like their own clients, they were building their own brand, aiming at new markets, leveraging resources, and applying their work ethic to create high impact relationships and results. Centauria's mission distilled: We help clients take their businesses online, expand and optimize their reach, automate their online business processes and make it affordable. When Centauria helps a business or entrepreneur grow their profits sustainably, they return more time to their clients, time that they can be with their families, living balanced lives and doing what they love. What Eric and Zhenya set as goals for themselves is now their deliverable for their clients.

Collaboration is the key platform for Centauria. Because of Eric and Zhenya's international network and global experiences, they are drawn to help people in other parts of the world, especially those still struggling to achieve economic stability. Centauria works with highly educated and skilled web designers and programmers, all with advanced degrees in computer science, mainly from Russia and Ukraine. The advantages for Centauria's clients are not only in time to market and more affordable development services. It's also about helping people from other parts of our world reach their own dreams of financial independence, to be able to work flexible hours and have more time to spend with their families. It has become part of Centauria's business model.

Increasingly large non-government organizations are reaching out to us for web design, web development and online automation services. We are open to collaborating with more of them, delighted to help people around the world through the missions of these organizations.

If you are a leader in your organization or a business owner ready to grow your business to the next level, we would be honored to collaborate with you and your team, offering our expertise, experience and dedication.

Looking forward to working with you,

Zhenya Beck, Eric Beckwitt & Centauria team

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