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Zhenya Beck worked with me to put together our web page, www.eastwindinc.com, and I found her work to be very good from the start; her design instincts were very good, and it was clear she had listened carefully to what I had expressed to her in phone conversations. In particular I found her very pleasant to work with, and willing to go through seemingly endless versions which I suggested, many of which we didn't end up using. She was very patient with me, I thought, and a pleasure to work with. In the future I would, and already have, recommended her to those I know who contemplate putting together a web page. I was very pleased with the result, and I found the process rather enjoyable. I should also note that she was scrupulous and very fair in keeping accounts of her time, and her billing procedures were clear, fair, and very reasonable. I have had experience working with other doing this kind of thing, and I will say without reservations that she was prompt, on time and at no time did I feel I'd been forgotten.

Len Brackett, President

East Wind (Higashi Kaze), Inc.


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