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Welcome Letter and Why “Internet Entrepreneurs Anonymous”

Internet entrepreneur starting new website

Internet entrepreneurs, welcome! Anonymous or not, please join us in this new and exciting adventure – Internet Entrepreneurs Anonymous BLOG. Why anonymous? Well. Read on!

This blog was started one nice afternoon in Vancouver, when Eric and I went to our beloved Vancouver public library to pick up a new book, have a coffee and talk about our “content strategy”. We have written articles in the past and shared our share of social media, but we felt that we need to finally commit to something that we advices so many of our clients — writing A BLOG. So, we decided to create not just another blog, but a blog with a twist. What’s the twist? The twist is that we wanted to create a community where being anonymous is absolutely OK, in fact, welcome.

Why? So that some of us, internet entrepreneurs wishing to remain anonymous, would feel comfortable to tell stories about failure, a better say “learning experience” and ask any questions. Not just success stories, success tips, etc. (the internet is full of that), but the other side of the success as well…

So, dear reader, Internet entrepreneur, dreamer, whoever you are, anonymous or not, what do you think? Please share whatever ideas you might have for the topics to explore here by adding your comment to this post.

Hello? Are you still there? ;) Go ahead and leave a comment.




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