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Tell your story — connect with your customers, connect with your business

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Do you need more perfect clients? Do you want more happy customers and repeat buyers? Then connect with them!

Tell them your story. Not just how awesome you are at what you do, but why you do what you do.

You’ve likely experienced this – stories where the authors showed their vulnerability or shared something deeply personal, have resonated hugely with you.  Do you have good friends that you feel very close to because they shared their secret with you? Its kind of like that in business. Brave people that share stories that resonate with others, stand out of the crowd. We remember them and their stories. We feel close to them. We feel connected.

Why do you think successful bloggers go astray from their topics and tell their personal stories? Because we can relate to them. It’s hard to have emotion towards an abstract idea. It’s easy to have feelings towards another human being showing their personality, showing their humaneness.

So, how does this apply to you?

Write your story for your website, and don’t be just another dentist or web designer. Your resume may be interesting, but there is so much more to your story. You must be someone’s child, spouse or parent. You must have gone through some life-changing experiences that defined who you are and affected what you do now. What you do for your clients, your community or charity. Think about your purpose, your Why.

To start, you may write down your life story as complete as you can. What made you happy as a child? What did you not like? Did you have traumatic experiences? Where your parents too busy working? Did they struggle to meet their needs? Could this be a connection to your desire to have more balanced life and Spend more time with your children while they are growing up? A Restaurant owner that could never connect why he runs his restaurant, suddenly realized that it’s because of how hard it was for his parents to put food on their table, how at times he and his sister went to bed hungry. A Former foster child became a very active social worker because she was placed in a family where she never felt loved as a child. Do you feel how touched, how connected you become when you learn these stories? Somewhere there is a connection between what you do and your story. Your Why. (You may already know it, and hesitate to share. Or you may still need to search for it.) Find it, share it, connect it with your life purpose, your business and your clients. You will see how it changes your own perception of your business, how much more meaningful it becomes.

This blog was inspired by renown Vancouver success trainer Colin Sprake of the Make Your Mark Training & Consulting who’s own remarkable personal story his “Entrepreneur Success Recipe Book” We’ve attended one of his amazing seminars and edited our own company story to make it more personal. Let me know what you think:


  1. Well Done Zhenya! Courageous of you to write about exposing how to discover one’s “why” and I commend you on the writing of the blog.
    All the best, Bernadette. I learned about my “why” in that exercise with you on the weekend. There was rarely peace or respectful dialogue between the two people whom I wanted to love each other and whom I wanted to have respect and love from. Very interesting that this is my basic requirement now in business.
    What about you?

    1. Thank you for your subscription and kind words, Bernadette! I agree that love and respect should be the basis of relationship. It’s how we connect. Seeing this applied to business is inspiring!

  2. Wow, I never thought of my career interests from this angle. Thanks for the comtemplative idea. In school, I have been writing lots of papers and have been trying to be more creative and personal with my writing, even with dry, peer-reviewed sources and topics. When I do, I always get better feedback (and better grades, :) ), so I think there is a lot of truth in what you are presenting here. What a dynamic duo you two are.

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