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2013 Best Transportation Website
WebAward for Outstanding Achievement
in Web Development

by The Web Marketing

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“Centauria gave us 200%”
–Stefanie Freidont, Extasia
“Excellent choice and an excellent partner” –Alice Klein, QEA
“Web Developers Extraordinare”
–Erin Jansen, Netlingo

Welcome to Centauria
Vancouver web design and development company offering one-stop website solutions & digital marketing services

Can your web designer do it all for you?

We certainly can. If you're looking for a reliable web design firm that can take care of all your online business needs (search engine marketing, social media, marketing and sales automation, analytics & more), connect with us. Let's make life easier for you.

Best web design and programming, high-end agency quality, exceptional customer service & affordability

Can it be possible?

That's a challenge we took on in 1998. Since then we've designed and programmed hundreds of websites making high-end quality, exceptional customer service and best value possible for small businesses, startups and non-profits.

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Advanced custom programming. Coding the impossible

We thrive on challenges and welcome difficult custom-coded projects outside of the comfort zone of most programmers & web development firms. On case by case basis we partner with startups and work for equity. We evaluate business plans and ideas, refine business models, develop specifications and help with funding.

2013 Best Transportation Website WebAward for Outstanding Achievement in Web Development

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